Project 17 Mission Statement

Welcome to the Codename Quicksilver website, online home of the new series of teen-spy books written by Allan Jones.

Zak Archer - Image © Dan Panosian

In these pages you will find out more about the secret department of British Intelligence known as Project 17, and about the hero of the Codename Quicksilver books – Zak Archer, aka Agent Quicksilver.

Codename Quicksilver - Moorgate Station. Image: Conor Jatter

Moorgate Station – Fortress lies under these streets - Image: Conor Jatter

Project 17’s headquarters lies deep under Moorgate Station in the City of London. Its official name is Fortress. It consists of dormitory rooms and offices and briefing rooms and interview rooms, gyms and training facilities and even its own school, as well as entire sections devoted to scientific research and cutting edge technological innovations. Some of the smartest people in Britain work down there, and their job is to make sure that Project 17 Agents have the best equipment in the world. Because Project 17 Agents have dangerous and vital work to do.

Project 17 is run by Colonel Peter Hunter, aka Control. He answers directly to the Director General of MI5, the Home Secretary and the Prime Minister. It is his task to send his agents out on Operations of national and international importance.

The most significant thing about the agents who work in Project 17 is that they are all teenagers. Highly-trained, highly-motivated, high-octane teenagers who can be sent at a moment’s notice to any place in the world to hunt down terrorists or illegal arms-smugglers or crazy people who want to take over the entire planet.

Codename Quicksilver - Entrance to Fortress

One of the entrances to Fortress - Image: Conor Jatter

Why teenagers? Because there are a whole lot of situations in which teenaged agents will blend in so well that the people they are tracking won’t even know they’re there till its too late. For instance, you’re an arms dealer, okay? You set up a meet with a contact. You plan on flooding the country with illegal weapons. You arrange a time and place to meet. Say, Trafalgar Square in London. Somewhere where you won’t be bugged by British Intelligence, somewhere where you can do your deal without being stalked by secret agents. You notice a bunch of kids sightseeing nearby. So what? They’re just kids, right? No problem there.

Wrong! Because you’ve just been targeted by Agent Switchblade and Agent Wildcat and Agent Quicksilver of Project 17, and before you know which way is up, you’re in the back of a black van being driven to a secret location – and you’re out of business for a long, long time.

Tunnel under London

But it doesn’t all take place in London. Agents of Project 17 might find themselves on an aeroplane to New York or Los Angeles, or on a train to Paris, France or Venice, Italy. Or in a jet over The Bahamas, or under a mountain on a Greek Island, fighting for their lives and for the safety of the entire world.

Live the danger. Feel the adrenaline rush. Accept the challenge. One day agents of Project 17 could be recruiting in your school. Read the books and know what to expect.















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